Iara Negrete

Iara Negrete

A professional singer for 27 years and a vocalist for 15, I studied Popular Singing and Piano at the S. Caetano Arts Foundation, Popular Singing with Nancy Miranda and Fono for several years, with the renowned Dr. Silvia Pinho.

I have already performed in several cities in Brazil and abroad (Manhathan Center in NY, Closed Event in Paris and the Oasis Hotel Network in Cancun, where I lived for almost 2 years.

I was part of the Octet Vocal Tom da Terra (CD BrancoNegro), which opened doors for advertising, where for many years, I recorded jingles for radio and TV. During this same period, I recorded 3 tracks on the T-Square & Friends Band CD, which won the Golden Record in Japan.
In 2002, I was invited to be a juror and vocal coach of the Popstars Program (SBT / Sony / RGB) with producer Rick Bonadio and Alexandre Schiavo, president of Sony Music Brasil.

music programs and lessons atlantaIn this first edition, was formed the group Rouge, that had a great success with the Hit Ragatanga and the following year, the group Bro’z. I was tb sworn for a while, in the program of Gilberto Barros (Good Night Brazil – Band) and invited to tb participate in Today in Day – Record.

As a personal vocal coach, besides my dear students (for now anonymous), there are some famous, hj friends, such as: Otaviano Costa, Mario Veloso, Rafaella Ferrer, Natalie Bergamo, The Thomés and soon, some well-known names will fatten this list.

I have 2 cd’s (solo) recorded: Iara Negrete – Brazil Classics, for the international market and Iara Negrete Canta Divas Acústico, with participation of the Rouge Group and produced by Producer Rick Bonadio at the Midas Studio.

I sang tb in the last festival of the Globe as a backing vocal and I participated tb of several CDs of artists like: Father Fábio de Melo, Peninha, Ziza Fernandes, Rebels, Julie and the Ghosts, Black Li and others.

I still sing, but now, in closed events, with the group Live4u, idealized by me and dj Ivan Gross, which brings to the stage the ideal mix between the beats of electronic music of a deejay and the performance of 3 singers live. Unpublished songs are already being prepared for the release of our EP.